The Heartfelt Celebration of Mother’s Day: A Tribute to Maternal Love

As spring blossoms in its full glory, there comes a day dedicated to the most enduring and selfless love known to humankind – Mother’s Day. This annual celebration, observed on different dates worldwide, serves as a poignant reminder of the irreplaceable role mothers play in our lives and society as a whole.

Mother’s Day is more than just a customary occasion marked by cards, flowers, and gifts; it’s a profound acknowledgment of the countless sacrifices, boundless affection, and unwavering support that mothers provide throughout our journey of life. Whether biological, adoptive, or through nurturing relationships, mothers embody a reservoir of compassion, resilience, and wisdom.

The origins of Mother’s Day trace back to ancient civilizations, where maternal figures were revered and celebrated through various rituals and festivals. However, the modern incarnation of Mother’s Day owes much to the efforts of Anna Jarvis, an American activist, who campaigned tirelessly in the early 20th century for an official day to honor mothers.

On the second Sunday of May in the United States and in many countries around the world, Mother’s Day is commemorated with heartfelt gestures ranging from breakfast in bed to elaborate family gatherings. It’s a day when children, young and old, express their gratitude and admiration for the women who have shaped their lives in profound ways.

But beyond the flowers and chocolates lies a deeper significance to Mother’s Day. It serves as an opportunity to reflect on the pivotal role of mothers in shaping individuals and society itself. From instilling values of kindness and empathy to imparting essential life skills, mothers are the silent architects of future generations.

Moreover, Mother’s Day is a poignant reminder of the diverse experiences of motherhood. While for some, it’s a day filled with joy and celebration, for others, it can evoke feelings of longing, grief, or nostalgia. It’s a day to acknowledge and honor the complexities of the maternal journey, encompassing moments of triumph and tribulation.

In essence, Mother’s Day is a celebration of love in its purest form – the love that nurtures, sacrifices, and endures. It’s a day to express gratitude not only to our biological mothers but also to all maternal figures who have left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us not confine our appreciation to a single day but strive to cherish and honor the essence of motherhood every day. Let us embody the same love, resilience, and compassion that our mothers have bestowed upon us, enriching our lives in ways beyond measure.

In conclusion, Mother’s Day is not merely a date on the calendar but a profound testament to the power of maternal love – a love that transcends boundaries, defies definition, and remains eternal in its essence. So, here’s to all the mothers, past, present, and future, whose love illuminates our lives like a beacon of hope in the darkest of times.

Things To Do In & Around Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver, Oregon, is a popular vacation destination known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, beautiful natural scenery, and family-friendly activities. Here are some things to do in and around Sunriver:

Biking: Sunriver has an extensive network of bike paths and trails, making it a great place for cycling enthusiasts. You can rent bikes locally and explore the area.

Hiking: There are numerous hiking trails in the nearby Deschutes National Forest, offering opportunities for all skill levels.

River Activities: The nearby Deschutes River and Cascade Lakes provides opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Golf: Sunriver and the surrounding areas have wonderful golf opportunities.

Skiing and Snowboarding: In the winter, you can visit nearby Mount Bachelor for skiing and snowboarding.

The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is a great place to learn about the local wildlife and stargazing.

High Desert Museum: This museum showcases the natural and cultural history of the High Desert region, featuring exhibits, live animals, and interactive displays.

Lava Lands Visitor Center: Located within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, this center provides information about the area’s volcanic history. You can also explore the Lava River Cave or hike the Lava Butte Trail.

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway: This scenic drive takes you through stunning landscapes and offers access to various lakes, viewpoints, and hiking trails.

White Water Rafting: The nearby Deschutes River offers opportunities for thrilling white water rafting adventures.

Festivals and Events: Check the local event calendar for festivals, concerts, and community events that may be taking place during your visit.

Shopping and Dining: Sunriver has a variety of shops and restaurants where you can explore and enjoy local cuisine.

Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including deer, eagles, otters, and more.

Relaxation: If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, Sunriver offers plenty of opportunities to simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Mountain Resort Properties-Sunriver Vacations Made Simple!

The Ever-Changing Weather of Central Oregon (It’s the Best!)

This time a year ago, Central Oregon was covered in a blanket of snow. Parking lots looked like they had mountains, roads looked like frozen rivers, and homes looked like the gingerbread house’s kids decorate during Christmas time. This year, however, is a whole different story.

Since the winter season began back in late December, Central Oregon has only received about 18 inches of total snowfall. Last year, in a span of just 5 days, the area received 16 inches! The two scenes are quite different.

Even though it hasn’t been the Winter most locals are used to, it doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy everything Winter has to offer. Drive 30 minutes from Sunriver to Mt. bachelor, and you will see more snow than you can probably handle. It is the best part about the area. Spend the morning shredding down the mountain on what is said to be “the best snow in the world,” then head down to Sunriver and enjoy a nice bike ride on the paved paths, and lunch on the patio.

There aren’t too many places in Oregon, let alone the U.S., where one can experience snow on the mountain, then drive 30 minutes to town to walk on clear paths and enjoy the bright sunshine. It is one of the many reasons Central Oregon is a must-see area.

If you have yet to visit the area, put it on your bucket list. And now is the best time to come! Winter is fading to spring, the birds are starting to chirp in the morning, the sun is warm and bright, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. With events and different activities happening every day, it is the perfect place to spend a nice vacation! We can’t wait to see you here!

Featured March Events:

March 6th: First Friday Art Walk Downtown Bend
March 6th: Night Light at The High Desert Museum
March 7th: Bachelor Butte Dog Derby at Winoga Snow Park
March 9th: Discover the Wild Owyhee at The Tower Theatre
March 13th: Jazz at The Oxford Downtown Bend
March 14th: St Patrick’s Day 5k Dash Downtown Bend
March 27th: High Desert Stampede at The Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center

The 12 Days of a Central Oregon Holiday Vacation

The holidays in Central Oregon are unlike anything you have ever seen before. Want lights and decoration? We got it. Want indoor and outdoor activities? We got it. Want great food? We got it. Want snow? We certainly got it!

Central Oregon offers a vast array of activities during the holiday season, for both the outdoor enthusiast and the indoor addict. We can find way more than 12 days of festivities in this area, but hey, it’s the holidays, and what would the holidays be without the 12 days?!

Day 1: Mt. Bachelor
There is no better day than a day spent on the mountain. Mt. Bachelor, just 30 minutes from Sunriver, receives an average of 633 inches of snow a year! This fast-growing ski area provides easy to advance terrain, 101 runs, 11 chairs, and 4,323 skiable acres that the whole family will love. New to the sport? No worries! Lessons ranging from beginner to advanced are offered daily. Not into the cold? No problem! Relax with a good book in one of the 3 cozy lodges. Need something a little less taxing? No sweat! Take an exhilarating sled dog ride OR enjoy an easy snowshoe walk through the trees.

Day 2: Ice Skating and Ice Cream
Skating is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy! Sunriver’s ice rink is located right in the middle of the ever so popular village. It features open skates, skating games, and the best music to listen to! After an afternoon of zipping and gliding on the ice, walk right next door and enjoy some delicious treats and ice cream at Goody’s!

Day 3: Sunriver Sleigh Ride
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Treat your family to a One-Horse Open Sleigh Ride next to the river and through the meadows of Sunriver! The views are indescribable, the horses are friendly as can be, and the memories are forever!

Day 4: SHARC Tubing and Swimming
Start your day off on the tubing hill! Two lanes, two people, one epic race! This family-friendly tubing hill features all you can ride, all day long! When the fingers and toes start to get a little chilly, walk right next door and jump into the heated pool. And the best part? Stay at one of our houses and get FREE access to both the tubing hill and the pool (see list of applicable homes).

Day 5: Nutcracker Ballet
Get into the spirit of the holidays with The Nutcracker. The Central Oregon School of Ballet presents the 34th annual production of The Nutcracker. The cast is comprised of over 150 local students and visiting professional dancers. It is a must-see holiday event!

Day 6: Winter Waterfall Palooza
Central Oregon is home to 8 breathtaking waterfalls. And guess what? They are even more breathtaking in the winter! The lands are frozen, the trees are snow kissed, and the water is crystal clear! Put on your winter hiking boots and see what each unique waterfall has to offer.

Day 7: Holiday Tree Lighting
Lights, decorations, live music, dancing, food, drinks, games and SANTA! Can you think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit? We sure can’t! Take a short drive to downtown Bend for the annual lighting of the Christmas tree. Snap a free picture with Santa, grab some food and hot chocolate, and sit by the fire as the community counts down the lighting of the tree. Don’t worry; if you miss the ceremony, just swing by downtown anytime during the holidays to see the tree and all its beauty!

Day 8: Out on the Town
Central Oregon, or better known as the brewery capital of the world, is home to 33 breweries, each with their own unique selection of brews and food! If you are a food and drink guru, you will want to plan a day visiting the breweries in Bend and Sunriver. In between trips, make sure you head for downtown Bend and The Old Mill District for a unique shopping experience. It is a family-friendly day everyone will enjoy!

Day 9: High Desert Museum
Enjoy a day of wildlife, history, and art at the High Desert Museum. This unique museum tells the stories of the High Desert’s diverse people and places through ever-changing exhibitions. There is always something new to see with 12 new exhibits every single year!

Day 10: Holiday Parade
The downtown Bend holiday parade is a Central Oregon tradition! With music, floats, dancing and entertainers, it is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Grab a cup of cocoa, find a seat, and watch the magic unfold!

Day 11: Holiday Brunch
Head on down to the Great Hall in Sunriver for a fun filled holiday brunch! Enjoy a festive spread of holiday favorites, and mingle with a fun mix of holiday characters. This family friendly event has been a Sunriver tradition for decades!

Day 12: Sunriver Fitness and Aquatics
Love to swim? Love to surf? Love to rock climb? Head on down to Sunriver Fitness and Aquatics for an array of family friendly activities. This 30,000 square foot state of the art facility features a Flowrider, a full-size rock gym, a pool and hot tub, a workout room, and a café. It is the perfect way to keep warm while you gaze out at the winter wonderland.

There is no better time of the year, and there is no better place to spend it than in Central Oregon! Bring your family, bring your friends, and see what this fast-growing, ever-changing area has to offer. We know that once you come, you will never want to leave!  Happy Holidays from all of us here at Mountain Resort Properties!

Mt. Bachelor Celebrates 60 Years!

Mt. Bachelor first started December 19, 1958 and celebrates its 60th anniversary, this winter. Founder, Bill Healy, had a vision for a new ski area on what has now become the sixth largest ski mountain in the United States.

It originally opened as the Bachelor Butte Ski Area on December 19, 1958 and was later renamed to Mt. Bachelor in 1983. There was a 1,500-square-foot day lodge and just one lift back then – and it didn’t have any chairs. There was a Poma Lift, which was a surface lift that drags you and your skis along the snow, and two rope tows; and that’s it.

A lot has changed in 60 years, There is now 11 chairlifts scattered across the mountain and over 4,300 acres of ski-able terrain.

Fun Fact: Lift tickets were only $3 in 1958

Solar Eclipse 2017

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere – the corona – can be seen, will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Observers outside this path will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun’s disk. NASA created this website to provide a guide to this amazing event.

Due to the distance and size of the Moon in relation to the Sun, only a thin path about 60 miles across will actually experience totality, where the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon. An excellent map can be found on NASA’s website. While the Oregon Observatory in Sunriver does not fall within the path of totality, we are conveniently close to the center-line, and are still expecting to see nearly 99% of the Sun blocked by the Moon. The observatory will open well before the eclipse begins just after 9:00 AM on Monday, August 21, with a variety of telescopes set up for visual observing and projected observing.

Grand Illumination & Rockin Holdiay Kick Off Events


Lighting Ceremony, Fireworks & Celebration| November 19 | 4 – 8pm

Join us at the North Pole tent, adjacent to the main Lodge, for holiday fun for the entire family. The North Pole will feature children’s craft projects, entertainment from Mr. Magic, face painting, work from select local artisans and huggable characters.  Live entertainment will take place outdoors on the main stage featuring Precious Byrd. The lighting ceremony is a sight to see and sure to please along with sleigh rides and photos with Santa! Save your appetite for local vendors during the festivities.


Rockin' Holiday Kickoff 2016 @ Village at Sunriver | Sunriver | Oregon | United StatesROCKIN’ HOLIDAY KICKOFF

Village at Sunriver November  26 | 2 – 7pm

Bring the family out to the Village at Sunriver to kick off the 2016 Holiday Season! Meet Santa, ride the train, meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and more!

* Meet Santa at Santa’s Village from 1 – 4:00pm
* Visit the craft station upstairs at Santa’s Village
* Ride the Village Train (weather dependent)
* Enjoy Coffee and Cocoa
* Play Plinko
* Have your face painted by Elsa and Anna from Frozen
* Rock out to The Hit Machine and other artists from 5 – 7 pm

Twilight Cinema & Turf Tunes (Free Movies & Concerts)

Twilight Cinema

TWILIGHT CINEMA:   Free movie nights at SHARC or The Village at Sunriver. Low profile chairs, blankets, coolers welcome (NO pets or glass). Food and beverage available. Movies start at dark, fun & games prior to showtime.  Click movie poster above to enlarge.



TURF TUNES:  Sundays, July 10 – August 21, 5:30-7:30pm: Enjoy seven weeks of free concerts and other entertainment in SHARC’s amphitheater. Bring your low profile chair, blanket and a picnic. Food and beverages available for purchase. Concerts held rain or shine. Please no pets, glass containers. Schedule subject to change

July 10, Junebugs: Combining high-energy pop with folksy goodness to create a genre-bending sound you can kick up your heels to.
July 17, West Troupe with Central Oregon Aerial Arts: Enjoy the high energy beats of West African drum and dance along with performances from the sky with aerial skills, acrobatics and lyra.
July 24, Jessie Leigh: Infuses a rock and roll attitude into a country style to take “old school music and make it relevant.”
July 31, Off the Record: Classic rock favorites from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.
Aug. 7, Tony Smiley: Captivating audiences with raw rhythms of live looping. His music combines rock, hip hop, reggae, tribal fusion, ’80s and everything in between.
Aug. 14, Henrik Bothe: Bringing the most hilarious comedy, magic and juggling that will have the whole family laughing harder than they ever have.
Aug. 21, Bill Keale: Transporting you to Hawaii with favorite and original island sounds that includes Hawaiian slack key guitar, pop, folk, and easy listening.

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