New to Vacation Rentals?

MRP's 10 Steps to Successful Property Management for New Vacation Rental Homes and/or Condos
1) What are Your Goals?
How we manage your home depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Some owners seek to limit rental volume, and some wish to maximize the volume and revenue. Both are valid objectives. What is yours? Part of our long-term success as a Sunriver Property Management Company is based on being able to deliver, and deliverance is based on the owner's desires.
2) Pick the Right Property
Mountain Resort Properties does not directly list or sell properties. However, our sister company, Century 21 Lifestyles Realty, can help you find the perfect vacation rental home. C21 Lifestyles Realty has offices in both Bend and Sunriver for your convenience. If you already have an agent, we would be glad to work with you and them to find the perfect home. If you have already purchased your new home, we would be happy to provide a free analysis of your home to make recommendations to help it be one of the top vacation rentals in the market.
We have been creating successful vacation rental properties for decades. Let us help you find the best location, amenities, and size of a home. We can then provide you with income projections based on existing homes that match your home's profile. The best time to talk about amenities is before you complete your purchase; we can tell you the current and past trends to help guide you to find, or transform, your property. Let us give you the benefit of decades of Central Oregon Property Management experience.
3) Creating the Right Look - Adding the Most Popular Amenities First
So, you have found the right property? Now it's time to make your home the optimal vacation rental. We will provide suggestions to put your house at the top of the rental pool. From a total makeover, to freshening up the home's presentation, we can assist regardless of your budget. We are conscious of your acquisition expense and desire to stay within a budget, so whether you are gutting the home and starting from scratch, or have very modest means, we will help you add the most popular and visual amenities first.

4) We Concentrate on Year-Round Occupancy, Not Just the Summer


We focus on marketing that drives rentals to your home all year long, not just during the Summer. Our company's marketing plan is tailored specifically to keep your home rented. We have developed multiple marketing channels, well beyond any other Property Management Company in Sunriver. Our aggressive revenue management system sets the right rate for each time of the year. We don't just settle with a high and low rate. Our rate algorithm is tuned specifically to the Sunriver market. We understand the Sunriver market and know how to keep your property rented.
5) We Optimize Your Profit
Our years of experience pay huge dividends to our Property Owner Partners. When you combine our advanced marketing techniques with our revenue management, your profit is maximized. So, whether you live down the street or many states away, we are dedicated to making your property serve you to the best of its ability.
6) Your Second Home is Our First Priority
We are a full-service Property Management Company, and have all the maintenance and housekeeping personal on staff to keep your home in top-notch condition. We manage your vacation rental like it's our own home. We take care of maintenance issues before they become a problem for the home. We are always looking to create the best impression with your home for our guests. Our 24-hour local accessibility provides superior management of your home for both you and your guests. All homes are inspected prior to a guests arrival, and immediately after departure. This helps keep both our property owners and our guests happy. A well-maintained home makes for satisfied guests who are more likely to return to stay at your property, rave about your property online, and recommend your property to their friends and family.
7) We Respect Your Home and Your Neighbors
We take great care to keep your home well-maintained and looking good. The sleeping capacity of your home is vigorously enforced to reduce wear and tear on your home, and maintian peace with your neighbors. We enforce the allowed uses of your home, monitor noise levels, parking, and the number of additional day and night time guests allowed. We make sure our guests understand that they are staying in someone's personal home, and need to respect it as such.
8) We are Quick to Respond to Guest Requests
Guests will often times have questions. They may not know how to work some item in your home, or they may have a problem; We are here for them 24/7. We will respond to guest requests and/or a neighbor's concerns immediately. As a Professional Vacation Rental Management Company, our level of service delivered is how we will be judged by you and our guests. This is something we take very seriously. Since 1989, we have spent years building a superior reputation in Sunriver and Central Oregon.
9) A Top-Notch Property Management Team
We are a family business with decades of Sunriver and Central Oregon Property Management experience. Everyone lives nearby and is sensitive to the issues, weather, and wonder that makes Sunriver a top vacation destination in the Pacific Northwest. Our reservationists are familiar with each home. We also have our own housekeeping, maintenance, and marketing staff. We all work towards providing the best experience for our guests and owners.
10) We Communicate and Keep You in the Loop

We provide 24/7 access for our Property Owners to know how their property is doing. With the Owner's Online Portal, you have 24/7 access in real-time to calendars, bookings, statements, and earnings. Owners also have an assigned Property Manager that can help with questions, thoughts, and concerns about their property's management.


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