Property Management Testimonials

"I want to reiterate that our decision to remove our home from the renal pool is in no way reflective of Mt. Resort's service.  You do such a great job of renting our home and we would just like to have more access to it...thus our decision to remove it from the rental market. 

Our decision to place our home in a rental pool was difficult.  And, in the three years we've been with you, we've been so happy with your service.  From the friendly check-in staff to your attention to everything important... wheather that be keeping the house clean or seeing to any little (or big) maintenance need on a timely basis... we never had to worry about our home.  Every employee with whom we had contact was pleasant and professional.  Please pass on our sincere thanks for what they do!  Should we know of anyone who is looking for a property management company in Sunriver...or if we decide to put our home back in the pool, Mt. Resort will be our first call."

Thank you,
Marcia & Mario
Owner: 8 Look Out


"Kudos to Mountain Resort. The condo looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you to all who work so hard to make this home look great."

Fondly, Marcia
Owner: 2 Fairway Village Condo


"My wife, Cindy, and I, have owned and rented 7 Vine Maple for eight years. Under a different management company for three years, we saw ever declining revenues and questionable increasing management fees. Five years ago we met Rich and Debbie, owners and operators of Mountain Resort Properties. With their advise and management, our revenues increased dramatically, and costs declined. They, as well as their staff, are consistently available, professional, and cordial. We felt we made new friends and a great business find."

Gary and Cindy Gardner
Owner: 7 Vine Maple 


"My wife, and I, have been home owners in Sunriver since the year 2000. During that period, we have used four full-service property management companies. One for a year, one for a disastrous 2 months, and the third up until last August. Our gross paid rentals for the first 8 months of 2014 were 15,000 dollars with our last rental company. For the same time period in 2015 with Mountain Resort Properties, our gross rentals are over 24,000 dollars. Same home. Nothing new.

Why the big difference? And why would someone want to switch to Mountain Resort? 

Have you ever looked at the rental contracts? Usually 15 plus pages of rules and charges benefiting the rental company.  Things such as charging the homeowner for part of the renter's cleaning fee. Or limiting the number of days you can rent your home directly to friends. Or limiting how many days you can use your own home in high rental seasons like summer or holidays. The worst for us was being forced to allow travel agents to use our home for free several days per year.

Let's get back to why you should consider Mountain Resort Properties. Have you seen their contract? 2 pages long. I couldn't believe it. Just the basic responsibilities for both parties. No homeowner cleaning fees for renters. No limits on renting to friends or limits on your personal or family use.  Plus a fair, simple, and equitable commission schedule.

But the best reason to use Mountain Resort is their customer service. First of all we met with their property manager and really fine tuned the rental rates to maximize our rental return. Then the booking staff all came out and looked at our home so they could really describe our home to prospective renters.

Then they advertise your home on several nationwide vacation rental websites. And what extra does all that cost you?  Nothing! Just their commission. No extra charge. No monthly management fee.

Yes, I was surprised too. You know when we were with our previous rental management company, my wife and I always felt the renter was by far the most important thing to them. The bottom line is the staff and the people who own and manage Mountain Resort Properties treat the owner like the most important part of the rental equation. We appreciate that. You will too.

Tom and Sue Pettinger
Owner: Topflite 15



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