About Central Oregon

Central Oregon’s territory lies just east of the Cascades, the mountain range which divides the dry and wet sides of the state. The closeness of the peaks contributes to city elevations starting at around two thousand feet above sea level.
City & Peak Elevations in feet
Bend 3,630 
Sunriver  4,165 
Redmod 2,985 
Sisters  3,165 
Madras  2,130 
Prineville  2,900 
La Pine  4,200 
Warming Springs  1,000 
Pilot Butte  4,140 
My. Bachelor  9,065 
Moderate temperatures attribute to an enjoyable climate. Central Oregon temperatures are warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Temperatures drop in the evenings year round due to the high elevation of the region.
 Month Low  High 
 January 23  41 
 February 24  46 
 March 25  51 
 April 30  58 
 May 34  65 
 June 41  74 
 July 45  81 
 August 46  81 
 September  37  73 
 October 32  63 
 November 27  48 
 December 22  42 
**Average Temperature (*F)
Precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, hail and snow ranges average 8 - 15 inches. This small amount of precipitation makes visiting popular with residents from wetter areas such as Seattle and the Bay Area. Average precipitation is below 2 inches per month.

 January 1.83  1.04 
 February 0.97  0.59 
 March 0.92  0.65 
 April 0.60  0.43 
 May 0.77  0.58 
 June 0.86  0.78 
 July 0.49  0.34 
 August 0.58  0.58 
 September   0.47  0.26 
 October 0.65  0.58 
 November 1.57  0.98 
 December 1.99  1.09 
 Total: 11.70  7.83 
** Includes rain & snow
The Cascade Mountains keep most of Oregon’s precipitation over in the valley and on the coast, so Central Oregon receives very little rain. Occasional showers occur during the spring and summer seasons.
Central Oregon averages 300 sunny days per year.
Snow will usually fly around Thanksgiving and last through February, depending upon the severity of the winter. Snow often falls in the evenings before melting off during the day due to high levels of sunshine. Snowfall in January averages 8.6 inches.
Surface winds prevail out of the South and Southeast from October to February, then West and Northwest for the remaining months. Wind speeds average from 5 to 7 mph most months.
Central Oregon’s diverse terrain makes the area unlike any other in the state. A few of the many plants you can expect to see in Central Oregon include juniper, sagebrush, manzanita, alder, pine, bitterbrush, evergreen, and hemlock along with many species of coniferous trees.


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